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Editor's page by Francisco R. M. Laurindo and Flávia Meotti

We have a varied menu to fulfill our scientific curiosity starting with a discussion on lipid redox code and the amazing variety of these compounds, which is just beginning to be scratched from the surface, as further exemplified by a Redoxoma work describing protein aggregation induced by lipid oxidation-derived aldehydes. We follow on interesting discoveries related to uric acid hydroperoxide functions.

Welcome to the Cepid Redoxoma Newsletter!

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Editor’s Page

Welcome to the Cepid Redoxoma Newsletter!

Science is all about communicating Science. From a single discovery to an ellaborated theory, nothing exists unless it is effectively communicated and published. But this is not enough, particularly considering the explosive amount of information one is exposed nowadays. Discoveries and theories have to be actively and widely disseminated.