Redoxoma Newsletter #5 – November 2016

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  • Editor's Page | F. Laurindo
    We are back after a longer while than we expected. ...


We are back after a longer while than we expected. As with redox processes themselves, this delay was caused by good and bad things. The bad ones were a recurrent problem with our server, which caused our Newsletter to repeatedly get out of access. Hopefully it will be stable from now on, just as we hope to happen with redox homeostasis. The good things were recurrent bouts of very very hard work for our Editor, as well as for our colleagues, as chairs and organizers of international meetings, editors, authors of original as well as review articles, assistants for our research agencies , etc in addition of course to the usual duties at our universities. Similar to redox processes, we hope


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2016, Nov 22 • Maria Celia Wider
Calorie Restriction Can Protect the Brain

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