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I am very excited to present our second number of our Redoxoma Newsletter. You will soon notice why. First, we have grown bigger, indicating that this newsletter is already turning into a good vehicle for communicating ourselves around the science of redox processes. Second, we have exciting comments on scientific productions from our Redoxoma team, and I am glad to know we have even more in the pipeline. In addition, we bring selected highlights from the literature which are likely to be of interest to everyone. Remarkably, some of these were brought about by young investigators from our team. My special thanks to them: you are more than welcome and I warmly encourage others to follow your track! Our Redoxcope this time is a comment on thiol redox processes, brought about by Luis Eduardo Soares-Netto, which is particularly sharp and timely. I also gladly introduce the Education Page, with news from our Education branch led by Carmen Fernandez. Along the same line, new sections bringing clipping news (compiled by Flavia Meotti) and related events (compiled by Denise Fernandes) are presented. And more: I put together a short essay for the young and no-so-young colleagues, which I hope will make you think and help in mentorship. Everything was made possible with the dedicated work of all the contributors and Leandro de Rezende, who gave life to these letters. Thank you all! Hope you will enjoy this Newsletter and feel inspired to contribute more and more to our next issues.

Francisco RM Laurindo
Editor, Redoxoma Newsletter

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