CEPID Redoxoma Newsletter #2 - Feb 2015

CEPID Redoxoma Newsletter
Redoxoma Newsletter #2
February 2015


Editor's page | by Francisco R. M. Laurindo

Redoxcope | by Luis. E. S. Netto
Peroxide signaling through thiol switches: chemical and biological aspects

Redoxoma Highlights | by José Carlos Toledo Jr.
Superoxide and nitric oxide induced nitrosative processes may follow unusual and different dynamic behaviors

Redoxoma Highlights | by Mauricio da S. Baptista
Visible, not only UV, light may also damage your hair and skin

Redoxoma Highlights | by Paolo Di Mascio
More Tequila, please…: Organic nitrogen acquisition in Agave tequilana from endophytic bacteria by oxidative nitrogen scavenging mechanism

Redoxoma Highlights | by Ohara Augusto
A novel oxidative pathway for human SOD1 aggregation is revealed and may contribute to ALS pathology

Redoxoma Highlights | by Marilene Demasi
A novel ubiquitin-related marker in oxidative stress response

Education Page | by Carmen Fernandez
Education Page

The Radical-Free Corner | by Francisco R. M. Laurindo
A radical-free talk about the scientific career: 3 Ds that allow for an E

Highlights | by José Carlos Toledo Jr.
Succinate accumulates during ischemia forcing mitochondrial complex I to operate in reversal, while producing oxidant species during reperfusion

Highlights | by Ignacio Amigo
Saving the planet by eating healthier food

Highlights | by Alberto Lévano-Martinez
The new roles of cardiolipin in ROS-mediated signalling

News | by Mauricio da S. Baptista
Development of a PDT protocol that avoids amputations in the diabetic feet