Mitochondria and lysosomes: lords of life and death in cells?

by Mauricio da Silva Baptista

An important aim of our CEPID-Redoxoma is to develop diagnostic and therapeutic applications of redox processes. In this context, antioxidant therapies are at the frontline of our interests as a group. In parallel, however, a smaller but nonetheless significant group of strategies aim to explore prooxidant and stress-enhancing effects of distinct interventions, mainly to achieve selective toxicity towards damaged or tumor cells. The group of Prof. Mauricio S. Baptisata, from our CEPID-Redoxoma, has been exploring for more than a decade photo-induced compounds as a means to achieve such type of effects. Interestingly, this group recently provided a significant contribution


Visible, not only UV, light may also damage your hair and skin

by Mauricio Baptista

On the recent years, we aimed to understand the effects of visible light on skin and hair. We showed that melanin is able to photosensitize the generation of singlet oxygen both in the UVA (355nm) and in the visible (532nm) with similar yields and that the photosensitization of melanin forming singlet oxygen is the main cause of damage in hairs under exposition to visible light [1]. These results also suggest the possible role of visible light in damaging human skin, similarly to the well accepted effect of UVA light. In order to understand the effects