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It is exciting to realize that the Newsletter is establishing itself as a communication vehicle between the Redoxoma group and a now expanded array of colleagues from Brazil and abroad. Welcome to all of you.

Thanks to the work of many colleagues, we have very exciting contributions, which emanate from research supported by our CEPID-Fapesp. In this issue, we can walk through intriguing paths, starting really from the beginning – with redox threads to the origin of life! And we end in a bold way, with a short essay from an experienced academic clinician, on how he interprets our redox area – leading us to think over where we should at the end direct our efforts. In between, we wander through intricate mechanisms in thiol-mediated signaling in bacteria, hormetic connections in yeast, mitochondrial morphology in stem cell fate, cholesterol in mitochondria, enzymatic thiol isomerase assays and interesting related issues.

Moreover, we have two special reports, the first dealing with news from Redoxoma meeting with our Advisory Committee and the other a revealing interview with Prof. Etelvino Bechara, our long-term collaborator and a reference in redox biochemistry, which we had the kind permission of Revista da Fapesp to reproduce here.

Welcome to the new issue of our Newsletter. We do hope you will feel encouraged to contribute to our future issues!

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